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Our readers write from San Diego, California

(Editor's note: These stories were written by students in Mimi Pollack's level 5 class at CE Mesa, part of SDCCD Continuing Education.)

My friend, Abdul Qader

by Mohammad Hakeem Hamdard, Afghanistan

My friend has some admirable qualities. He is friendly and hospitable. He always invites friends and makes huge parties. He has many friends from Mexico and the United States too. He likes to spend his time with friends and visit many places. He knows about the best places in San Diego and he has taken me to see new places. I really view him as my younger brother.

Beside his good qualities, my friend has some bad qualities. He spends a lot of money on worthless things and buys expensive things. He is also a very pushy and stubborn kind of person. When he decides to do something, even if it is not good for him, he still wants to do it.

Good qualities and bad qualities

by Phuong Lenh, Vietnam

My mother is the most important and kindest person in my life. She's hardworking and patient. She takes care of old people in a retirement home. She never tires of working with them, so everyone loves her so much.

My mom has many good positive qualities. She is patient, punctual and hardworking. For example, she wakes up early in the morning and starts to cook breakfast. She always cooks a big pot of pork and vegetable soup. She takes care of all the members in our family. She usually takes me to work in the morning up to La Jolla. Then she drives to her workplace in Mira Mesa. She drives my dad to work earlier than me on weekends in the morning. Sometimes she also works overnight in a personal house to take care of the elderly. My mom is also devoted to my grandma in Vietnam. She always sends $200 to my young uncle in Vietnam and asks him to take care of my grandma. She hopes to return and see her again one day.

"Nobody is perfect!" Beside her good qualities, she also has bad qualities. Because she works so hard, she sometimes says negative, provocative things and then my whole family starts arguing with each other. However, I hope my mom will never get old and will let us live with her forever.

My Sister Julia

by Rosalia Burgos, Mexico

My sister is ten years younger than me, and has many fine qualities. She has common sense. When she needs to make an important decision, she always makes a good one. She always has a smile on her face even in hard times. My sister Julia is smart, funny and affectionate. Thank God I have her.

Nobody is perfect and my sister Julia also has some bad qualities. She is sloppy when she needs to do something important. She is also a procrastinator and waits until the last minute. She is pushy. Sometime she is irritating trying to correct me. Even so I love my sister and nobody is perfect.

My son, Richard

by Lisa Liu, China

My son Richard is a student at UCSD (University of California at San Diego). He not only has a sunny personality, but he is also diligent. He is ambitious in a good way and has many goals to succeed. He is good at mathematics and always helps other students who have some problems. He is kind and devoted. For example, if I feel tired, he will look after me.

My son also has some negative qualities. Sometimes he is sloppy about dates. Last Sunday, he forgot an important appointment. His friend wanted him to meet him at the airport. He went there too late and his friend was very angry. He doesn't always make sense and can sometimes be irrational.