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Our readers write from Atlanta English Institute

My family
by Sayyora Akramova, Atlanta English Institute

            My name is Sayyora. I am from Uzbekistan. I'm 21 years old. I have a big family. They are my parents, husband and two brothers. My father's name is Jamol. He is 51 years old. He is a businessman. He is tall. My mother's name is Feruza. She is 51 years old too. She is a housewife. My mom is very nice. My brothers' names are Siroj and Shamsi. They are students. They are friendly and do not speak English.

            My husband's name is Nodirbek. He is 26 years old. He is also from my country. He has been living in Atlanta for seven years. He has two jobs. HE is an engineer at the Ritz Carlton and Lowes hotel. He speaks English. He is a very nice person. We were married last year. We don't have a child yet.

            This is my family and I love them very much.


Fantastic Tokyo
by Wasin Pummarin, Atlantic English Institute

            Have you ever thought about traveling to the most fantastic city in the world? Tokyo in my opinion is the city where you can gain a lot of experience and enjoy life in many ways. Even though Tokyo is a big high-technology city, the Japanese people are engrossed in keeping their own culture and religion in a good way. Tokyo integrates modern technology with folkways and culture.

            Japanese food is fabulous. Tokyo is located in the middle of Japan close to the sea. So there is a lot of fresh seafood. In my opinion, Japanese food is the most delicious and healthy food in the world. Sashimi is my favorite dish. It is made from raw fish that has a lot of nutrients in it.

            There are many attractive sights in Tokyo. An awesome natural scenic view such as Mount Fuji is deeply impressive. You can see this mountain from all over the city. The Tokyo Tower is the most important building in Tokyo. You can go to the top of the tower and enjoy the stunning panoramic view of the city at night. If you enjoy amusement parks, you should go to Tokyo Disneyland.

            I would love to visit Tokyo some day. I admire the way Japanese people live with their technology and how they express their strong beliefs.