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Our readers write from Evans Community Adult School in Los Angeles

My hidden talent
by Lim Sokvathana

I am a computer programmer, but my hidden talent is drawing. I discovered my hidden talent when I was six years old. At that time, I just started primary school and the teacher taught the students how to draw a picture of Angkor Wat, which is a famous Hindu temple. When I finished my drawing, my teacher said that my picture was more beautiful than hers. She exclaimed, "How did you do it?"  Since that time, I became famous in my school for my art. I always entered competitions against other schools. My mum told me that I could draw pictures since I was two years old. I love drawing and I like to draw pictures that I imagine in my mind. Sometimes, I will also sketch beautiful scenery. When I draw, I feel happy and relaxed with myself.

My hidden talent
by Consuelo Cambambia

In my ordinary life, I am a psychologist, but my hidden talent is embossing pictures on aluminum or tin. Since I was child, I have liked to do handicrafts and paint, but when I was 20 years old I started to work with embossing. If I like any photo or picture, I'll emboss it. First I need to copy the photo. Then I emboss it with tools on a sheet of tin or aluminum. I put silicon on the back and stick the plate on a wood panel. Finally I paint the picture. If is necessary, I put a frame around the picture. I don't like to repeat the same picture. I like to do something that inspires me. It's relaxing and also fascinating to look at something finished.