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From Burke High School, Omaha, Nebraska

Dilfuza only came to the United States at the end of December, 2011. She writes about the different role of daughters-in-law in her country, Tajikistan.

My mother
by Dilfuza

          My mother is a very nice woman and mother.  Her life was so hard because in my country every girl goes to her husband's house and stays with her mother-in-law and with her husband's family. The daughter- in- law has to do everything for her husband's family. My dad's family is so big. When my mom married and moved into their house she was shocked because her family was not very big.  My mom was the youngest daughter-in- law. Every day she cooked and did a lot of housework. In the one big house there were four families. When my mom moved in, she had to cook for everybody until my parents got their own house.

          She cried for one year. She couldn't get used to it, but after many years, her life got so much better. Now she doesn't regret her life.  She has three children and a wonderful husband.  And she is a very happy woman and mother.


Sponsel was born in Burma and came to the United States after living in a Thai refugee camp for four years.  He writes about his aunt, who was like a second mother to him.

My aunt
by Sponsel

          My aunt has always been with me. I was born in Burma. Then I moved to a refugee camp in Thailand when I was nine years old. I moved there with my aunt because I didn't have money to go to school in Burma. She helped me with my homework. She washed my clothes and she cooked for me. She helped me to be a good son. When I came back from school, I ate and I sold food for her. Then my parents left Burma to come to the refugee camp. They didn't have a place to live so they came to live with my aunt and me for a few years. They went to Thailand to find jobs. After a few years they came back to the refugee camp and built a house. After my aunt came to the U.S., I wanted to come to the U.S.  My parents signed the papers to come to the U.S. a few years ago and we came to Nebraska. She is a good aunt. We still see her in Omaha. Sometimes we go visit her. We have a great time with her and we also make good food to eat. When she needs help, I am always there for her.

Mother's Day in Mexico
by Hugo

One of the more important holidays in Mexico is Mother's Day.  Our mom gives us everything that we need, for example things that we need for school and our clothes. Sometimes she gives us money to buy something that we want. Sometimes she makes us do a lot of things, but we have to do them. When it is Mother's Day we have a big party to say thanks for everything. We put up a lot of decorations. For example, we put a lot of flowers on the table and we put up posters saying nice things to our moms. We have a nice meal. When everything is finished, we give our moms gifts like clothes or flowers. If the husband has a lot of money he buys a ring for his wife. When everything is over, we have to do everything that our moms tell us to do again to make her feel special for that day. It is very fun to celebrate Mother's Day. 


From South High School, Omaha, Nebraska

Have you ever thought about what job you want?

The job I want
by Marcela

          I want to be a nurse. First, I want to be a nurse because I want to help people. I would like to help children. This has been my dream since I was a little girl. I like this job. Next, I want to be a nurse because when I was in my country I loved going to the health center to help people. I would help nurses give medicines to people and children in school.  When I was living in Guatemala I learned how to help people.  We would have doctors from the United States come into our town and help the sick people.  I learned how to give shots and medicine to the people.  This is when I knew I wanted to be a nurse. Finally, I want to be a nurse because I love this profession. This was also my mother's dream to be a nurse. My family also helped children. I will achieve my dream.  I want to raise money to buy my house or study much more to be a doctor.


My perfect job
by Edwige


          I want to be a doctor.  I want to be a doctor for many reasons. First, I want to be a doctor because I would help many ill people.  I would give them some injections.  I would tell them what medication to use to feel better. Next, I want to be a doctor because I would have more knowledge.  I would give people some free medication.  I would also help poor people by giving them food to eat and clothes to wear. Finally, I want to be a doctor because I would advance my studies and make my own money for all my needs.  Being a doctor will make me feel better because I will know that I help people feel better too.  Now you know why I would like to be a doctor.