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Our readers write from Los Angeles, CA

A gift
by Andrea Castellanos, Evans Community Adult School, Los Angeles

          Last year I received a dozen yellow roses from my son, Rene, for my birthday, He had them delivered from a florist.  When I looked at the flowers, I felt very excited.  I saw a
small envelope.  Inside was a card.  Rene wrote on the card "I love you Mom and I miss
you."  Those flowers looked wonderful.  He had the flowers delivered because he lives
outside the country.  I saved those roses for about two weeks.


Our readers write from Omaha, Nebraska 

My grandfather
by Maria, 9th grade, Bryan High School, Omaha, Nebraska

          My name is Maria. I'm from Guatemala. I go to Bryan High School. My story is about my grandfather. My grandfather is a special man to my entire mom's family and to me. He is a special man to us for many reasons. One of the reasons that he is special to us is that he decided to come across the border to the United States to work and give us a better life. He worked and sent money to his family. It took him around ten years to get his passport. After he got his passport, he decided to study for the citizenship test. When he had all the answers memorized, he took the test and passed it! He became a citizen! He worked more to save up money so he could bring his whole family to the United States. He brought everyone but me. I had to stay with my dad's family. I stayed with them for nine years. My mom and her family got here in the United States to go to school and work. After four years, she applied for my passport. My grandfather helped her and her sister. It took five years to get it because my mom is not a citizen. She did the same thing that my grandfather did. She studied for one year for the citizenship test. On April 31, 2012 she became a citizen and soon I will become a citizen like my entire mom's family. If it wasn't for my grandfather, I wouldn't have the same opportunities that I have in the United States. I thank God for this best grandfather that I have. I pray to God to take care of him and to give him more life and love. I love you grandpa and I wish you a happy Father Day. I wish a happy Father's Day to all the fathers.