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Our readers write from Mira Costa College, California

My dreams
by Isabel Herrera

            My dreams are kind of weird sometimes; they have a little bit of everything. For example, sometimes they are very scary, other times they have lots of success, and happiness. They often surprise me when some of the dreams come true. When I was five or six years old, I had this interesting dream. It was in a very faraway place. My mother had her farm association meetings around five minutes away from her farm and sometimes she took me with her. So this dream was about some kind of a hole that was growing in the ground and it became a cave. Little by little the hole was getting deeper and darker and it was hard to see anything anymore. Then since I couldn't see anything anymore, I had to lie down on the beautiful green grass and I even had a pillow so I could relax much better.  While I was falling asleep, my head rolled to the right side and was falling off the pillow. At the same time I could feel cool water around my body. Slowly I woke up in my dream and all I could see was water all over. Then I started feeling pulled and dragged by the current toward the cave. In my dream all I felt was fear. In the morning I woke up from my dream and I told my mother about it. She said: "I can't believe how much imagination you have! You are crazy. Please get ready for school. It is time to go."  I felt sad that she ignored my dream. It was just a coincidence that three weeks later my mom went back for another of her farm meetings. At the meeting they discussed a canal that they had built to irrigate the farms in the area. There they showed her the canal that turned out to be the cave that I had dreamed about. She was surprised to find out that the cave was really there. When my mother told me this, I was impressed that another one of my dreams had come true.

My town
by Karla Rodriguez

            The name of my town is Torreon. It is located in the state of Coahuila, Mexico. My town is one of the newest cities in Mexico, and it was founded over 100 years ago. Torreon is well known by his nickname "The pearl of the lake."
            The "Christ of the Noas," a sculpture on top of a hill with a church and sanctuary pertaining to the Holy Land, is one of the most visited areas. This sculpture is the third largest in Latin America after sculptures in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and the "Cristo de la Concordia" in Bolivia.
            The food here is delicious and one of its specialties is meat, either beef or veal, accompanied by traditional flour tortillas, and pork tamales. To accompany your meal, nothing beats a delicious wine made from grapes from the wine fields of "Parras de la Fuente" or brandy as a delicious appetizer. Also, you can find delicious desserts, for example, pinion cheese, or caramel, milk candy with nuts, typical of Torreon There are also apple and pear drinks.

by Alexa Ford

            To live to the fullest is the most important thing in life. No matter if you are happy or unhappy. Life is full of different colors, flavors, smells and shapes. Life is challenging, but it has thousands of opportunities. Also, life has different chapters; you need to live each moment fully. When one's attitude is negative about life, it becomes very stressful. On the contrary, when one's attitude is positive, it can motivate the individual and the outcome is always positive. Previous personal research shows that it is necessary to know what offers the best guarantee for your life even though there are guidelines that are appropriate to help you live a better life. In conclusion, life is the most wonderful treasure and magical dream.