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From the Napa Valley College, Upper Valley Campus (Calistoga site)

The jobs in my hometown 
by Raul Paredes

            I used to live in Apizaco City in Mexico. In my city there was a carpenter. He made furniture such as chairs and tables. There was an Internet Cafe for people who didn't have a computer at home. There was a library. I used to go to the library to read about the history of my country. There was also a bicycle factory. They made bikes for children under twelve years of age. There was a big grocery market. They sold all kinds of vegetables, fruit and meat.

            There was a blanket factory. They made so many blankets with different yarns and colors. There were artisans. They made ceramic figures and they used to create a carpet made of flower petals to put in front of the church on holidays.

            There was a resort named "La Trinidad" located on an old property. I used to go there with my family and friends to have fun on a sunny day.