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Our readers write from Amsterdam, New York

About my father
by Helkin Navarro, HFM BOCES program

            The name of my father is Juan Navarro. He is from Columbia. He is 69 years old. He was an industrial mechanic.  He worked in the chemical industry for 30 years.  He always worked very hard.  He was the best in his job.  His hobbies are playing chess, and when he was an adolescent he played soccer and won many tournaments. He worked at Quintal SA Chemical. Three years ago a doctor put a pacemaker in my father and he now has a better quality of life.  He was always a responsible, honest, friendly, helpful and sincere person.  He loves to read magazines and books.  My father supported me at the university. He was the reason I studied chemical engineering at Atlantic University.  I love my father very much.