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November/December 2005 Bonus Writing

Our readers write

From Gualala: One more new opportunity
by Gisela Guiterrez, Gualala ESL
     I'm Gisela Guiterrez. I came here in March, 2004. After I arrived here in Gualala, I began a new life. My life in Mexico City was very different from here. In Mexico I was with my family and I worked in an office. Now every day I learn new things and have new experiences. I have new friends. They are good people.
     I'm a housekeeper. It is good work. I want to earn money. My life has taken a new turn. Now I want to save more money to help my family. I like that they are living well, very well. I'm happy because we are remodeling my home and it is beautiful. This is one dream. But I have more dreams--one is to look after my family and to travel a lot with them. I would like to learn English very well because one day I will return to Mexico. I will be able to get a better job and my life will be different. I miss my family very much. They are my big and only love. It is difficult to live far away from them.


Coming to the USA
Texas students share stories

(Editor's note: Shannon Solis, EL Civic Instructional Coordinator, sent stories written by students in Mr. Steve Barley's class at Parkway Center, North Harris College, Houston. They were the winners of an essay contest which was held in September to honor Constitution Day. We received stories from Maria Elvira Arista, Maria Luz Ortega and Laura Adriana Salinas de Salinas.)

My dream of American love
by Laura Adriana Salinas de Salinas
     My name is Laura Adriana Salinas de Salinas.  I was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.  I never dreamed or imagined that one day I would be living in this country because my parents, especially my father, never for a moment thought about living in the United States.  He always thought and had confidence that we could study, work and be happy in our country, even though a lot of our family members live or have lived in the United States, and have done very well financially. But even with that, my parents never changed their ideas about living and getting ahead in Mexico.
     After many years of having the same job as a secretary for a very well-known company in Monterrey, I met a guy that I had known as a teenager and had not seen in 15 years.  We decided to have a relationship and because of the fact that I am not very young, I knew this would be a serious relationship.  Even though I knew that if this worked out, it would mean that I would be leaving many things behind.  For example: my work, my family, my city, my country, and also I would have to change my routine and even my language. After two and a half years of a relationship with plenty of love, trust, and communication, the fear of changing my life completely slowly diminished. I thought about starting a new life, and a new family with the man that I love very much, my husband. He was born here and lives and works in this country. After two and a half years of a relationship, we got married and that is how I got started in this country, for my dream of American Love.  For that, I came to the U.S.A.

I was forced to immigrate from El Salvador
by Maria Luz Ortega
     I'm Maria Luz Ortega. When I was 18 years old, I was forced to abandon my country because of the war. I was forced to immigrate from San Salvador, El Salvador to the United States. My parents forced and encouraged me to come to the United States because they feared for my life. They were afraid that I might get killed in the war. During the war, a lot of bad things were going on like theft, killing people, raping women and little girls and they also were forcing people to go into war with out their consent.  I am very grateful to the United States for giving me the freedom that I and others just like me deserved. Thank you, with all my heart!