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Bonus writing - March 2007

Our readers write

I Love Milpitas Adult School
by Cathy Qing Liu

I came from China . As other immigrants, the first thing I needed to do was to look for a school to study English. I live in Milpitas , California so I went to the Milpitas Adult School . While waiting for the adult school to notify me, I studied English in a church for one month. I thought Milpitas Adult School would probably be like the church since the students do not need to pay. I thought there would be minimal in-class facilities. Yet, I was wrong. To my surprise, this school has not only state-of-the-art educational equipment, but also various classes, and an excellent leader and staff.

First, there is all the necessary educational equipment that you can think of in every class. There are TVs, desktop and laptop computers, DVD players, transparency projectors, LCD projectors, printers, iPods, and dictionaries. This school has two computer labs for ESL students. You can study in the computer lab before and after class if you want.

Second, the Milpitas Adult School offers various classes and meets the students' demands. These classes include ESL, GED, and Academic English. Moreover, there are art, physical exercise, computer, and business classes. You can always find one or two classes that you like.

Although educational equipment and class variation are necessary, what really make a great school are the leader and staff. Mr. Kreuzer, the director of Milpitas Adult School has both ability and integrity. He is a visionary leader. He purchased the most advanced education equipment for this school. He hired the best teachers for the students. He listens attentively to the views of the students and accepts rational suggestions. He is also a kind and amiable man. He checks to see if the students are happy as he greets everyone each morning and afternoon.

All the teachers in this school are very patient and dedicated. Russell is my teacher in the GED class (morning class). His class is very interesting and varied. We study history, science, poetry, math and so on. We have a writing warm-up every day. Sometimes we watch DVDs. Sometimes we debate controversial issues. He works with much enthusiasm.

Amanda is my teacher in Academic English class (afternoon class). She has a genius for teaching I think. In her class, we can learn many specific skills. For example, she taught us to use the three colors of the traffic signal to remember how to write a simple paragraph. She taught us how to read an article faster.

Because the teachers here are lively and interesting, it makes me enjoy learning English and going to school every day.

I am very fortunate to be able to study at the Milpitas Adult School . This school is like a big family. All the members in the family are happy and hardworking. In fact, a school is a window of a country. We can get to know this country by looking through this window. This school has left me with a deep impression. I have confidence to face my future. I appreciate all the help given by this school. I love Milpitas Adult School !

amiable - friendly, cheerful
genius - a person of great intelligence and ability
hired - employed, gave someone a job
integrity - strong morals, honesty
minimal - related to a least amount of something
visionary - a person with foresight, ability to imagine the future

*Definitions from The Newbury House Dictionary of American English 4th edition, by Rideout. © 2004 Monroe Allen Publishers. Reprinted with one-time permission of Heinle & Heinle a division of Thomson Learning. FAX 800 730-2215.