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Bonus Writing - June 2007

What is a scam? Read the story below to find out...

I was tricked

by Laura Mata,  Pacoima Skills Center, Los Angeles


When I was living in Mexico, I had a little business in my town. One day a woman arrived there in a local taxi. I thought that she wanted to buy something. But she said, "I'm embarrassed about what I am about to tell you. I'm a teacher and I live in the next town near here. I teach 4th grade in the elementary school." The town where she said that she lived is about five minutes away by car. She continued telling me, "I have baby twins and I want you to be their godmother." I was surprised, and I thought, godmother of twins? That was great! I felt proud because she had chosen me and I immediately answered, "Yes! I can!"

I didn't know her intentions. Then she told me, "I feel ashamed, but I need to pay some fees in advance for the baptism that are paid by the godmother. But if you don't have money right now I can talk to the priest to ask him to wait for us. I could pay, but I'll receive my paycheck in five days."

I answered her. "Don't worry, I have the money" and I gave it to her. She said that she would return the next day to give me the receipt and tell me the event's date. I waited the whole day after that, but she never returned. I didn't see her anymore. I felt sad because I thought that it was something sacred but it was only a scam. I felt so embarrassed because she tricked me.

The other day in Mr. Cubias's class, we were talking about scams, but I didn't say anything because I felt ashamed about what happened to me. Nevertheless, now, I want to say this to prevent something like this from happening to other people.