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Hometown stories

The city of Encarnacion de Diaz 
by Everardo Romo and Rosario Hernandez,  West Contra Costa Adult Ed
     There is a small city called Encarnacion de Diaz in Jalisco, Mexico. It is located 35 miles from Aguascalientes. It is a quiet city. It's most famous for the mummies which were recently exposed. You can also find sweet bread, pots of clay and tablecloths made by hand. There is a beautiful park called "Los Cedazos." This town is well-known and its nickname is "La Chona."

by Enrique Rojas, West Contra Costa Adult Ed
     Zamora is located in the state of Michoacan, Mexico. It's two hours from the capital, Morelia. Zamora is a beautiful city. It is a commercial and industrial area and also has a lot of vegetables and fruits. It is between two rivers and a forest. It has beautiful churches, a soccer park, beautiful schools, universities and many banks. This place is famous for making chongos Zamoranos. The population is 500,000 people.