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From Evans Community Adult School in Los Angeles

My dilemma
by Sonia Alvarado

          In January 22, 2012, I received a phone call from my sister who told me that my mother was in a dangerous situation. She was being threatened by gang members in El Salvador. Her life was in jeopardy. They wanted a lot of money or otherwise they would kill her. I sent her the money, however the gang didn't show up to take the money. Still, my mother's life is in danger. She can't move to another city because it's the same all over the country. I would have brought her to this country, but the Embassy refused to give her a visa.


My dilemma 
by Alex Mendieta

   Last year, I tried to open a dance studio, but instead I learned a powerful lesson. I found a nice place to open a dance studio that was close to home, the freeway, had plenty of free parking and reasonable rent. I was so excited and told my friends and students. Also, I went to the City of Los Angeles to ask for a dance studio license and insurance prices. A friend of mine, who is also a dance instructor, asked me if he could use the studio. I said, let me ask the landlord since I did not have insurance or the contract yet.  I Introduced him to the landlord and we all agreed that it would be fine for him to practice there before I signed the contract.

   I called my friend and the landlord, but they never returned my calls.  I knew something was fishy. Finally I met my him and told him, I've been calling you but you never returned my calls. He told me his phone broke down and that he was going to take over my studio. He even asked me if I wanted to be his teacher. I told him that what he did was not ethical and bad Karma. He said, "Alex, this is a business opportunity. That's it…  Nothing personal."

   Well I have learned my lesson.  I will be very careful next time I try to open a business. It's been a year now and my friend lost the dance studio. This is Karma.