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My Grandma
by Buyang Chen, Mira Costa College, California

  My grandma is a kind, easy-going lady. She is 89 years-old now, but she is in good health. She gets up at 6 a.m., has a cup of water and reads the newspaper using her big magnifier while having breakfast.
   I think the food made by my grandma is the most delicious food in the world. She makes chocolate nut cookies that are so yummy just when they come out of the oven. Nowadays, my grandma really likes watching dramas as soon as she has the time to sit down. She has a ritual; she goes in her room, sits on the edge of her bed, and watches TV without interruption. 
   My grandma used to plant trees such as lemon and orange trees in our backyard, but not anymore because of her TV addiction. But we do take her out for a walk three times a day, after having breakfast, lunch and dinner as it helps her with digestion and keeps her fit.
   Time flies so fast that I still remember when I was younger and my grandma took me to visit the zoo, playground, and other interesting places. Now my grandma is a great-grandma after I had my baby girl. My grandma looks so happy and young when she is with my baby, playing "Give me five! High five!", Hide and seek and Peek-a-boo games.
     My grandma is a very positive lady which makes people around her happy. My grandpa passed away about 20 years ago, and my grandma still puts my grandpa's picture on her bedside cabinet and tells us stories about him. One of her wishes is to be able to attend my daughter's wedding. In the future, I hope we will celebrate her 100-year-old birthday all together and then my daughter's wedding.