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Our readers write

     (Editor's note: ESL teacher Linda Pals sent us this story written by one of the students in her class in Fort Bragg, California. Linda writes, "Elias has a very positive outlook on life despite a logging accident which left him with a back injury.")

 About Me
by Elias Velasco

            My name is Elias Velasco.  I am from Oaxaca, Mexico.  I have been here since 2002.  I used to work in the woods.  I liked it because it was very nice and special in the morning when it was so quiet.  I liked to breathe the fresh air, smell the trees and sometimes I could watch the sunshine through the branches.  It was something beautiful when I could hear the roaring water from the creek, songbirds, or sometimes watch bears.  I liked to watch the big trees in the winter time.  I liked when it was cloudy.  I was high on a hill and could watch the cloudbank.  It was something very nice.  I liked the snow season because it looked nice when the snow covered the trees and I liked to play in it.

            Now I go to English class in the afternoon two days a week.  I'm happy.  I have met new friends.  They are very nice.  I have an excellent teacher.  She is so sweet and a very nice person.