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More haiku* poetry from students in Los Angeles 

(Editor's note: ESL teacher Diane Racine sent these poems to in November. Her class meets at Westside Community Adult School in Los Angeles.)

A fine morning mist
The leaves turning yellow
Our mementos are fading.        by Heesook Kim

When the sun rises
The flowers begin to dance
With the morning dew.         by Ronit Robenian

The sun is shining.
The sky has no clouds.
It looks like my perfect mind.           by Yuka Tanaka

I saw an ant who
Was carrying food for the winter,
Full of hope.       by Mahin Massaband

Your magical love
Makes my voice in your presence
A grand "I love you."               by Nina Aniwanou

*Note: Haiku is a short poem consisting of words with a total of about seventeen syllables, arranged on three lines. Haikus use images from nature to create a mood or feeling. Haiku poetry originated in Japan.