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Help your employees improve their English. Easy English Times can be used in workplace literacy projects or copies can be given to employees for self study.

Easy English Times includes useful information on workplace skills, citizenship, law, money management, immigration, health, parenting and more. Your employees will learn new words, build vocabulary and improve communication skills.

 Workplace literacy hints from Editor Lorraine Ruston
   I use Easy English Times every day in my adult multi-level ESL class. I used to do workplace ESL and would use the newspaper there too. I remember that my workplace students told me they needed to be able to speak English with their native-speaking colleagues. To that end, I would encourage you to have your students practice the "Compelling Conversations" feature of our paper. I also think that in any class, vocabulary practice is important. I choose a story and have students underline key words as I read the story. We then go back and read it again and they pronounce the words we have underlined. Finally, they read the story again to themselves.
     The "learning activities" page is also useful for reading comprehension and vocabulary development. Finally, if you can get your students to write about their lives and their jobs and email the stories to us, we will try to publish a few of them. This is always a very affirming exercise.

Your employees will receive an extra page of learning activities with each issue.

You can use the newspaper to recognize employees. You can submit employee success stories and photos or nominate employees to be profiled.

Your employees can see their writing published in the paper.

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