Attention Teachers & Tutors

Easy English Times is used in classrooms, workplace and library literacy projects.

Each month the paper comes with an extra page of Learning Activities and instant activities are included in each issue. You can walk into your classroom and start teaching from the newspaper.  Literacy tutors find the paper useful in individual or group settings. It can also be used for home study. We feature a Teachers' Corner with information for or by teachers.

From Editor Lorraine Ruston

     I'm an ESL teacher (adults) and also the editor of Easy English Times. I use the newspaper in every class I teach. I usually choose one or two articles to start my class with. I read the story aloud and ask the students to underline a key word or phrase in each sentence. ( I choose the words as we go along.) I make sure they understand what the words mean. (My students all speak Spanish so they translate for each other or I help them a bit.) Then I read the story again, asking them to read the words they have underlined. I listen to their pronunciation. Sometimes I make up a simple comprehension quiz about what we just read.
     We do the crossword puzzle in class together and talk about the words that go into the puzzle.
     I assign the scanning questions on the Learning Activities page for homework. Sometimes we do the 'more careful reading' questions in class as a jigsaw reading activity. Sometimes I assign them for homework.
     I always ask my students to write something themselves based on some of the other student writing pieces.
     I hope this helps you and that you enjoy our newspaper!

 Teachers say:

  • "Once the papers come, we have to stop everything to read them. My students love these newspapers."
    - Inger Shiffler
  • "It's great. I save every issue to use again and again."
    - June Chan
  • "My students love your fine newspaper! It is the high point of our ESL program. Thank you."  - Margaret Pillsbury
  • Students say:

  • "I want to read and write. The newspaper helps me understand English."
    - Hoa Mai Nguyen
  • "This paper helps me. It is my idea to get citizenship."
    - Phien Pheauboonma