Can I order by the issue or for a short time?
Yes, we accept orders by the issue or by the year (10 issues). Orders can start and stop at any time.

Can I use Easy English Times in a multi-level class?
Yes. You will find material of different degrees of difficulty in each issue. New words are highlighted and defined. Photos and clip art are used to help readers. 

How can I submit student writing?
You can email, fax or use snail mail to send us your student writing. We will list the names of all students sending us writing and publish student writing as space is available. We welcome photos. Photos should be sent as separate attachments, not in the body of a word document. Email writing to or, if you send us writing in the mail, typed stories are best since it is often difficult to read handwriting. Please be sure and print student names.


Why Easy English Times?

ESL and literacy students need
- survival information
- news of current events
- citizenship and immigration information
- English practice--reading and writing
- new words
- a user-friendly introduction to newspaper readership

Adult schools and literacy projects in libraries, workplaces and prisons need
fast, flexible, relevant curriculum

Business needs
- prepared employees
- informed consumers

Communities need
- well-informed parents able to support their children's education
- engaged, informed residents

Government needs
- informed, active citizens

Public agencies need
- a way to deliver critical information to new readers


Other questions?
Email us at