"The Way We Talk" is a movie about acceptance

by Sarah Rohrs
(Editor's Note: A story about stuttering by Sarah Rohrs, a freelance writer living in Salem, Oregon, is featured in our February issue. This is additional information about a related movie. Links are available to additional resources.)

I stutter. I struggle to speak every day. I share a bond with millions of people around the world who also stutter. But, most of us are in hiding and never talk about our disorder.

Stuttering causes us to trip on words. We experience repetitions and block on word sounds. Sometimes the words just won't come out.

For years I have tried to keep my stuttering hidden from people. When the broken speech comes out of my mouth I've been embarrassed, worried, ashamed and frustrated.

Most of the time I just wanted my stutter to go away. I've remained silent and not said what I wanted and needed to say. A movie by Oregon filmmaker Michael Turner changed me and how I feel about the way I talk.

The film, "The Way We Talk," tells Michael story, and his family's story. We follow Michael through his memories, and into support groups. We meet other people who stutter and the therapists who try to help them. We learn that many people who stutter never talk about it.

"The Way We Talk" is a deeply moving film about acceptance. There are no known cause and cures for stuttering. But those of us who stutter can come closer to accepting, even feeling proud and at peace, with the way we talk. That, in turn, allows us to accept all parts of ourselves.

I recommend this movie to anyone who stutters, to speech therapists and others who want to learn more about this mysterious disorder. Like all mysteries we may never know all the answers but we can learn much along the way and come to love and accept ourselves.

"The Way We Talk" is being shown around the country. I saw the film in November in Salem, Oregon. The movie will be released on Educational DVD by Collective Eye for libraries and universities on Feb. 23. Members of the public will be able to buy it on Amazon in the summer.

To learn more go to the "The Way We Talk" page on Facebook, or to http://www.thewaywetalk.org/.

To learn more about stuttering and find resources go to The National Stuttering Association website at www.WeStutter.org, or the National Stuttering Foundation at www.stutteringhelp.org.