Editorial from our May 2006 issue

It's your newspaper

It is with a great deal of pride and gratitude that we bring you this, our 10th anniversary special edition. Yes, Easy English Times has been published for 10 years. It really did start on Sharon Elwell's kitchen table. Betty Malmgren did production and photography then, a role she continues today as well as being publisher. Lorraine Ruston was copy editor 10 years ago. Today she is the editor.

When the newspaper started it was distributed in Napa, Solano and Sonoma counties. Today the newspaper is distributed throughout California. We also have subscribers in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Maine, Ohio, Florida, Maryland, Illinois, Georgia and Connecticut, among other states. In addition, we have an on-line edition (www.easyenglishtimes.com). We were interviewed by Voice of America and received e-mails from people in many parts of the world who were interested in the newspaper. We did a story on the Secretary of Labor. Her staff members in Washington, D.C. know about Easy English Times.

When the newspaper started it was "pasted up" by hand. We put the pages in a large, flat box and drove to the printer to deliver it to be printed. Today, we use a computer and send the newspaper to the printer electronically.

In one of our first issues we included a story about checking accounts and how to fill out a check. Today many people use ATM cards. Ten years ago we did not have cell phones. When the newspaper started we took photos with film. Today we use a digital camera. Our readership has grown. Technology has changed. What remains the same is the reason we produce this newspaper-our readers. Most of our readers are immigrants, new to this country. This newspaper is designed to provide them with useful information. It is designed to give them a voice. In this issue we celebrate our readers and feature student writing. We value their stories and are proud to share them in this way. In this issue we included as much student writing as possible.

Our respect for those who teach English as a Second Language and adult literacy has only deepened. We thank all the teachers who have sent in student writing or who serve on our advisory board. Easy English Times is a labor of love for us but it is your newspaper. Thank you for these last 10 years.

* * *

How can you help us celebrate our 10th anniversary?
Please help by continuing to send us story ideas and student writing. Please help us reach more readers by recommending this newspaper to other teachers and students. We need to grow our circulation. Please e-mail us at easyenglish@aol.com  if you know someone who would like a sample copy. We also need advertisers!